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          Higham Lane School

          Higham Lane School

          Vision and Ethos

          Ethos, Aims and Values

          Our school ethos is truly unique. Mutual respect and very clear expectations regarding effort, progress and behaviour are key to our success. Students get on exceptionally well with each other at Higham Lane and with our staff, who take a huge pride in working here.

          Our students have the benefits of working in a school that has a happy, caring and purposeful environment. The School’s mission is `Helping Learners Succeed' and our students are encouraged to do their very best in every aspect of their lives and to reach the highest standards. Our school is very popular and well regarded; it is heavily over-subscribed at entry.

          Our School aims state that:

          At Higham Lane School, we work in partnership with young people, parents and carers to ensure that every student will:

          • feel safe, happy and healthy and know how to keep themselves, and others, safe, happy and healthy;
          • enjoy high-quality learning opportunities, in a school at the leading edge of innovation;
          • feel challenged and inspired to achieve excellence in every aspect of their lives.
          • become confident, enterprising, creative learners, fully-equipped for life and work;
          • become fully-rounded and responsible citizens, making a positive contribution to the school, local, national and global community.

                The learner is always at the HEART of everything we do at HLS.

               Our values are:

               High standards and high expectations of ourselves and others

               Empowering teaching and enjoyable learning

               Achievement and effort, regardless of ability

               Respect for others, our environment and our community, feeling happy, healthy and safe

               Tenacity, enthusiasm, honesty and confidence in each and every one of us


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