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          冠状病毒信息 - 专用信息网页

          冠状病毒爆发 - 专用信息网页
          在学校的公告,昨日收学校一年只有9名学生在本周余下的光,学校的新的专用冠状病毒信息的网页现在是活。请拜访 www.highamlaneschool.co.uk (clicking on the red pop-up box or 学校信息>Coronavirus 信息) for up to minute school announcements concerning Coronavirus. All messages communicated to you, whether as email or social media will also appear within the 冠状病毒信息 webpage. In the event of school closure information and guidance will continue to be published via this page, for example help for students accessing work from home.




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